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Version: 0.6.3

Planet Second is the current planet available in Medieval Engineers, introduced by the "Mechanical Blocks Update" (version 0.6.1), and was the second planet implemented overall. Planet Second is made up of six different kingdoms kingdoms, all depicted on the World Map World Map. This planet offers a wide variety of resources across seven unique biomes for a diverse medieval engineering experience. Planets in Medieval Engineers are static (non-moving).


  • This is the only planet available as of version 0.6.2.
  • Each kingdom is split into 64 regions on an eight by eight grid that creates a total of 384 regions.
  • Each region is split into 100 areas on a ten by ten grid that creates a total of 38,400 areas.
  • Each biome has unique flora and voxel textures.

On the safe start and wild start scenarios there are eight Wonders Wonders hidden in the world. These are meant to be unique and inviting places to seek out and explore. The empty planet scenario does not contain any wonders or Safe Area but it does allow for slightly faster loading and smaller saves.

Also hidden around the world, under piles of rocks and in the possession of barbarians, are map pieces that can be collected and crafted into maps. These maps lead to Treasures hidden within each kingdom. Players are aided in their travels and exploration by the use of the world map and its Fast Travel feature.


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