Coarse Millstone Toolhead

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Coarse Millstone Toolhead
Version: 0.7

"Used to craft Flour from Wheat Straws. Insert into the 'Toolhead' slot of a Mechanical Gristmill.

Input: Wheat Straws. Output: Flour"

Mechanical Toolhead

Items Produced

1  Flour Sack

Items Required

5  Wheat Straws

Time Required to Craft

4 second(s)

Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

 Crafting Table

Required Research (Any)

 Mechanical Mills

Required Items

4  Large Stone
1  Round Timber

Amount Produced

1 item

Crafting Time

10 second(s)

Inventory Item


150 kg

Stack Size

1 item(s)

Hit Points

52 points