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Wiki Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to our community! This is the place where you can share information about Medieval Engineers with other members and view information shared by the developers. To promote a positive atmosphere and keep this community “clean” and constructive we must insist that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times when participating in any facet of the community. Before you start posting, it is requested to read the below rules. If any of the rules are violated, moderators and admins will have the right to take the appropriate actions.

Wiki Rules

Posts must be made in designated Wiki language. At this time the Wiki has only English language content. In the future we will include additional languages. : Any pages in languages other than the designated language will be removed.
Piracy and Pornography!
All pages that include linking, mentioning or promoting piracy content will be deleted immediately and the member will be banned! Pornography is not to be linked or shared on this Wiki.
Spamming and Advertising are not permitted.
Pages that include links with the purpose of promoting other products, services or selling items will be immediately deleted! In the case that the member will repeatedly violate this rule, he/she will be banned from the Wiki.
Religious, National, Racial hatred etc.
Pages that contain content that negatively portrays any religion, religious figure, nationality, race, country, or region are not allowed and will be deleted.
Any kind* of violence, vulgarity, using abusive, bad or offensive language, calling names, threatening or insulting other members, is not accepted and pages will be deleted immediately! Cursing / swearing are discouraged. We view the wiki as an informational source for Medieval Engineers only. As the game has no swearing in it there should be no need to use it in the Wiki.
Don't abuse the picture upload feature
We have limited storage available. You are free to upload game content and screenshots that help explain the features and details of gameplay. Any off-topic or duplicate images will be deleted.
Posting personal details of others
Including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc. is not permitted and any user that does will be immediately banned.
Do not at any time openly argue with Wiki moderators or administrators about imposing rules.
You may not at any time attack Keen Software House or insult any Keen Software House employee.
You may not at any time impersonate any Keen Software House employee or staff on this Wiki.
Respect other user's opinions.
Don’t try and force your own opinion onto someone or deride what other members believe about the game.The Wiki is meant to be factual, not opinion based.
Don't post feedback and feature requrests
We have forums for suggestions and discussions. The Wiki is not the place for it and it will be deleted.
User pages are not to be used for advertising and personal gain. If you have personal game content such as worlds, blueprints, screenshots, etc., they may be linked to, however any advertising not directly related to the game or for commercial/personal gain will be removed and could lead to account banning.
Arguing with mods
If you find yourself in a public or private conversation with a moderator or administrator then remember that the moderator/administrator will have the final say over the argument and he or she will take proper action against any behavior which includes the possibility of pointlessly arguing with a moderator/administrator.
The minimum age for signing up to this Wiki is 15 years.
Do not make opinion pages or include your opinion within otherwise informational pages.
The forums are for discussion and suggestions. You may post there within the forum rules.
Do not make duplicate pages
Posting a page in multiple categories for extra advertising or posting a page purposefully in the wrong category will get you a warning and/or having the page deleted. Please properly check where you post.
Multiple accounts are not allowed
Alternative accounts and such can be banned on sight.Useful Links

Keen Discord server
Community ME support portal
Official web site
Company web site