Basic Engineering

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Basic Engineering
Version: 0.7

The basic tutorial offered when starting a survival game.

Quest Information

Type of Quest


Items Unlocked

StoneAxe.png Stone Axe WoodenMallet.png Mallet Skull.png Skull
SkullImpaled.png Impaled Skull BonFire.png Campfire Thatch.png Roll of Thatch
WoodTable.png Crafting Table WoodChest.png Small Chest WoodBed.png Bed
StockpileLogSmall.png Small Stockpile for Logs StockpileTimberSmall.png Small Stockpile for Lumber BlankTower.png Support
Wood90Support.png Sloped Support Timber10.png Timber TimberDiagonal1 10 10.png Diagonal Timber
TimberRound.png Round Timber