Better Furnishing

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Better Furnishing

"Advanced furniture making techniques for Dining Tables, Chests, and Wardrobes.

Change your appearance at the Wardrobe and store your knick-knacks."

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

Furniture.png Basic Furnishing IronWorks.png Smelting

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

Furniture2.png Schematic: Better Furnishing

Quest Steps

Step 1

Start by gathering resources to craft a large chest. You can craft Metal Parts in a Furnace or Smithy.

• Obtain 8x Plank (0/8)
• Obtain 4x Metal Parts (0/4)

Step 2

Large chest are great additions to your furniture because they can hold quite a few items of multiple types at the same time. This gives you a place to store all of your odds & ends.

Craft or gather a Large Chest
• Place 1x Large Chest (0/1)

Step 3

Next you'll want to craft a Wardrobe. Gather the needed resources.

• Obtain 8x Plank (0/8)
• Obtain 8x Metal Parts (0/8)

Step 4

You never know when you'll want to change your outfit or give yourself a complete makeover. Having a wardrobe around means you can change your appearance whenever you want to.

Craft or gather a Wardrobe
• Place 1x Wardrobe (0/1)

Step 5

Give the wardrobe a try. Press "Letter F" while the wardrobe is highlighted. Try changing the color of your clothes.

Change color of clothes at wardrobe.