Blueprint Building

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Blueprint Building

"Engineer's guide to blueprint building. Learn how to turn blueprints into real constructions!"

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

WoodenHouse.png Basic Wooden House

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

BlueprintDrawing.png Schematic: Blueprint building

Quest Steps

Step 1

Blueprint building lets you place blocks using a blueprint as a plan rather than placing the blocks individually. If you make a nice house or a good cart, you can make a blueprint and be able to construct it again. Get started with blueprint building by gathering resources for a Blueprint Control Block.

• Obtain 4x Timber (0/4)
• Obtain 15x Plank (0/15)

Step 2

A Blueprint Control Block can be crafted at the Crafting Table.

• Craft 1x Blueprint Control Block (0/1)

Step 3

Place the Blueprint Control Block near an area with enough clear space to build your blueprint next to it.

• Place 1x Blueprint Control Block (0/1)

Step 4

Access the Blueprint Control Block and choose a blueprint to build.

For this quest, choose a blueprint made of large blocks.

Use the controls below to position your blueprint. "Letter Q" or "Letter E" to rotate. Use "Control+Mouse Wheel Up" and "Control+Mouse Wheel Down" to change the distance.

Use "Left Mouse Button" when you are ready to place it.

• Place 1x blueprint (0/1)

Step 5

Large block blueprints are built one layer at a time to maintain structural integrity.

When you hammer a blueprint it will place as many blocks as possible on the currrent layer using the resources in your inventory and in nearby stockpiles. Build all of the blocks on the current layer to make the next layer available.

• Finish 1x layer (0/1)

Step 6

Now that you have completed a layer the next layer is made available. Build each layer until the blueprint is finished to complete blueprint.

• Finish 1x blueprint (0/1)