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Within Medieval Engineers there is the ability to change the world in many ways. There are controls for the movement and rotation of blocks and items for use in Building.

Version: 0.6.3

Block Controls

Block/Item Distance

Default Key Action
Control + Mouse Wheel Down Moves block closer
Control + Mouse Wheel Up Moves block farther

Block/Item Rotation

Default Key 1 Default Key 2 Action
Letter E Page Down Rotate block Vertical +
Letter Q Delete Rotate block Vertical -
Letter R Insert Rotate block Roll +
Shift + Letter R Page Up Rotate block Roll -
Letter Y Home Rotate block Horizontal +
Shift + Letter Y End Rotate block Horizontal -


Default Key Action Description
Letter O Building mode This switches between static(stationary) and dynamic(active/loose) building types within the environment.
Left Shift Enable Compound building mode Holding this key will turn on Compound building mode until the key is released.
Letter Z Toggle Compound building mode Pressing this key will toggle Compound building mode on or off.

There is also more Creative Controls for additional building methods.