Copper Ore

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Copper Ore

"A soft metal that can be smelted into ingots using a furnace. Copper can be used on its own to make weak tools and weapons but it can be combined with tin to form a more useful alloy - bronze."

Version: 0.7


Copper ore occurs in two different variations. The low yield variation can often be found on the gound. The higher yield variation is usually found underground and can be located below the low yield variation or seen on mountainsides. The higher yield variation returns twice as much ore per volume mined.

Poor Yield Regular Yield
Shovel: OreCopper.png 1  Copper Ore
StoneLarge.png 1  Dirt
per 512 volume
Pickaxe: OreCopper.png 2  Copper Ore
per 512 volume
Pickaxe: OreCopper.png 1  Copper Ore
per 512 volume



Used to Craft

Dust OreCopper.png Copper Dust

Used to Build


Gathered by Tools

PickaxeBronze.png Bronze Pickaxe PickaxeCopper.png Copper Pickaxe PickaxeIron.png Iron Pickaxe
PickaxeSteel.png Steel Pickaxe ShovelBronze.png Bronze Shovel ShovelCopper.png Copper Shovel
ShovelIron.png Iron Shovel ShovelSteel.png Steel Shovel WoodenShovel.png Wooden Shovel


This item has the following tag(s)



Inventory Item


20 kg

Stack Size

25 item(s)

Hit Points

70 points