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Icon Interaction Hints
Crosshair location on HUD
Version: 0.6.3

The Crosshair is shown as a small dot in the middle of the HUD. It provides an aiming point for all world interactions like Building, using tools and weapons, and interacting with items.

Interaction Hints

Interaction Hint Options
Text Interaction Hints
The Crosshair has extra functionality in the form of hints. These hints are based on what is being aimed at and what tools are equipped. If icon hints are enabled they will fade after a second so that they are not as intrusive. An example of this might be aiming at a rope drum. With empty hands, there would be hints for interacting with the rope drum and picking up the rope drum. If the player has a rope equipped there would be a hint to attach the rope. If the player has a hammer equipped there would be hints to construct or deconstruct the rope drum.

There are four options for hints located in the game options.

Turns the hints off.
Icons Only
Shows icons depicting the available actions.
Text Only
Shows general notification text describing the available actions.
Icons and Text
Both the icons and the text will be displayed. This mode is helpful for learning the meaning of the icons.