Improved Storage

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Improved Storage

"Experience better organization of your items when using crates and ore stockpiles.

Ore stockpiles accept ore and small stones. Crates accept a large amount of a single type of item and show a count on the outside."

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

Furniture.png Basic Furnishing

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

ExtraStorage.png Schematic: Improved Storage

Quest Steps

Step 1

You'll want some Crates but first you'll need the resources to craft them.

• Obtain 20x Plank (0/20)

Step 2

Crates are a good way to organize a lot of items. They will only accept one type of item at a time but they will also show that item on the front of the crate. This makes it easy to keep track of what you have in storage.

Craft or gather 2 Crates
• Place 2x Crate (0/2)

Step 3

You may also want a place to store your ores and small stones. Gather some additional resources to make a Small Stockpile for Ores.

• Obtain 4x Plank (0/4)
• Obtain 4x Timber (0/4)

Step 4

Small Stockpiles for Ores hold a large amount of ores. They work like other stockpiles except that they accept all ore types and small stones.

Craft or gather a Small Stockpile for Ores
• Place 1x Small Stockpile for Ores (0/1)