Linen String

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Linen String

"Linen String is used to craft bandages, cloth, and ropes. It is crafted on the spinning wheel from Flax Straws."

Version: 0.7


Used to Craft

Cloth.png Cloth Bandage.png Bandage LandscapingStake.png Landscape Stake
BasicRope.png Basic Rope TearableRope.png Tearable Rope

Used to Build

BannerWorkstation.png Banner Workstation

Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

SpinningWheel.png Spinning Wheel

Required Research (Any)

Weaving.png Weaving

Required Items

FlaxBundle.png 2  Flax Straws

Amount Produced

1 item

Crafting Time

2 second(s)

Inventory Item


10 kg

Stack Size

25 item(s)

Hit Points

10 points


Burnt by Blocks [Burn Time]

BonFire.png Campfire  [3 second(s)]

ClayFurnace.png Furnace  [3 second(s)]
Klin.png Kiln  [3 second(s)]

      Oven.png Oven  [3 second(s)]