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X Obsolete
This item became obsolete in version 0.6. It was removed, or will be removed, in version 0.6.

Version: 0.5

Research Schematic

Items Unlocked By This Schematic

CatapultHead.png Catapult Bucket TurnCrossSmall.png Hand Crank Wheel RopeDrumAloneSmall.png Rope Drum
RopeEndingSmall.png Rope Eye Plate RopeRelease.png Rope Release

Research Unlocked By This Schematic

AdvancedMechanics0.5.png Advanced Mechanics

Research Required to Craft This Schematic

IronWorks0.5.png Iron Works

Weaving0.5.png Weaving/0.5

Items Required to Craft This Schematic

IngotIron.png 10  Iron Ingot

Timber.png 10  Timber
Rope.png 10  Ropes
StoneAxe0.5.png 1  Stone Axe

Inventory Item


0.02 kg kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)