Metal Parts

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Metal Parts

"Metal parts are used to craft items and blocks that use metal in their construction. They are crafted from ingots in a Smithy or Forge."

Version: 0.7


Used to Craft

WheelMediumSmallReinforced.png Reinforced Wheel HarvesterBlock.png Harvester PlowBlock.png Plow
SeederBlock.png Seeder RopeEndingSmall.png Rope Eye Plate TurnCrossSmall.png Hand Crank Wheel
LockingCatchBlock.png Locking Catch Block Wardrobe.png Wardrobe SpinningWheel.png Spinning Wheel
WoodBarrel.png Barrel ChestWoodLarge V1.png Large Chest TorchStand.png Torch Stand
WallTorch.png Wall Torch Crossbow Quiver.png Crossbow bolt Crossbow.png Iron Crossbow
ShieldKitePersonal.png Personal Kite Shield ShieldKiteHouse.png House Kite Shield CrossbowSteel.png Steel Crossbow
CrossbowWood.png Wooden Crossbow HammerStone.png Stone Toolhead for Stamp Mill HammerOre.png Ore Toolhead for Stamp Mill
SawmillMechanical Sawblades.png Timber Toolhead for Sawmill SawmillMechanical Sawblades Planks.png Plank Toolhead for Sawmill

Used to Build

DrawBridge V1.png Drawbridge WoodenCeilingDoor.png Trapdoor PalisadeGateLargeFrame.png Palisade Gate
StoneGate V1.png Gate SawmillMechanical.png Mechanical Sawmill MechanicalStampMill.png Mechanical Stamp Mill
TransmissionWoodSwitchWithFrame.png Mechanical Switch Klin.png Kiln TanningRack.png Tanning Rack
WallStoneWindowShutters V1.png Wall With Shutters WallStoneDoor V1.png Wall With Door WallStoneWindowRound V1.png Round Wall With Shutters
WallStoneRoundDoorLeft V1.png Round Wall, Left Door WallStoneRoundDoorRight V1.png Round Wall, Right Door WallStoneRoundLargeWithDoorLeft V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Door
WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceLeftOffset V1 Door.png Large Round Wall, Left Door Offset WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceRight V1 Door.png Large Round Wall, Right Door WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceRightOffset V1 Door.png Large Round Wall, Right Door Offset
WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntrances V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Doors WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntrancesOffset V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Door Offset WallStoneRoundLargeWindowShuttersBoth V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Shutters
CornerStoneRoundInnerDoorLeft V1.png Round Interior With Door, Left CornerStoneRoundInnerDoorRight V1.png Round Interior With Door, Right WallStoneRoundLargeWindowShuttersRight V1.png Large Round Wall, Right Shutters
WallStoneRoundLargeWindowShuttersLeft V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Shutters

Crafting Recipe 1

Crafted By (Any)

Forge.png Forge

ClayFurnace.png Furnace

      Smithy.png Smithy

Required Research (Any)

IronWorks.png Smelting

IronWorksEcon.png Ore Refining

      IronWorksMil.png Metal Working

Required Items

IngotIron.png 1  Metal Ingot

Amount Produced

10 items

Crafting Time

1 second(s)

Castable from

IngotIron.png 1 Metal Ingot MaceBroken.png 1 Broken Studded Club BrokenSwordBroken.png 1 Broken Rusted Sword
Mace.png 1 Studded Club BrokenSword.png 1 Rusted Sword Crossbow Quiver.png 2 Crossbow bolt

Inventory Item


2 kg

Stack Size

50 item(s)

Hit Points

10 points