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Quest Journal

The Quest Journal shows active and complete quests. It has some simple controls to hide and abandon quests but its main function is to display the currently active quests with texts and images. The Quest Journal can be opened by pressing Letter J by default.

Version: 0.6.3

Active Quests

Active Quests
The default view when opening the Quest Journal is the active quests list. It shows any and all of your active quests at the current time. Clicking on a quest in the list will load the details for the quest in the right-hand page.

Hiding Active Quests from the HUD

Hide Quests by Clicking the Eye Icon
It is possible to have multiple active quests. This allows you to start a new quest even if you haven't finished one that is already in progress. Since some of the quests take some time to complete or may require considerable resources, this allows you to continue to make progress until you are ready to continue the quest. This can lead to quite a lot of information being displayed on the HUD which you may not want to see all at once. The active quests list gives you the option to hide active quests from the HUD. This is done by clicking the QuestBook Icon Eye.png icon. It will then show as QuestBook Icon Eye Closed.png to indicate that the quest is hidden. You can show and hide quests any time. Hiding a quest does not stop the quest though. If you fulfill a condition of the quest step, it will complete and move on to the next step while remaining hidden.

Abandoning Active Quests

Abandon Quests
Active quests can be abandoned by selecting the quest in the active quests list and then clicking "Abandon quest" on the right-hand page.

Quests have custom actions that take place when they are abandoned. Sometimes these actions try to reset conditions to before the quest was started.

A notable exception to this is the beginning series of tutorial quests. When the tutorial series is abandoned it unlocks all of its research. The normal use-case for this is that players have already completed the tutorial and don't need to complete it again. This means the tutorial is completed at this point which is different behavior from nearly every other quest.

If you abandon the tutorial but wish to restart it you can do so with a button that is on the help screen (Function 1).

The other exception is the hunger tutorial. This tutorial can be abandoned but it will continue to reappear each time your character becomes hungry until it is completed in full.

Completed Quests

Completed Quests
The completed quests list can be accessed by clicking the green tab. There are no controls in this list other than the function of selecting a completed quest to view the contents of that quest.