Round Palisades

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Round Palisades

"Building techniques to make round palisade walls.

The ground doesn't go in straight lines so why should your defenses?"

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

Palisades.png Palisades

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

PalisadesRound.png Schematic: Round Palisades

Quest Steps

Step 1

Maybe sharp corners are harder to guard or you are just trying to follow some natural terrain. Whatever the reason, if you may want to build some round palisades, this quest is for you.

• Obtain 12x Log (0/12)
• Obtain 4x Sticks (0/4)

Step 2

Round palisades are quite large which makes them a little more difficult to place. Use "Control+Mouse Wheel Up" so you can see the entire wall if needed. Notice which part of the wall follows your aiming dot. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to align.

• Place 2x Large Round Palisade (0/2)
• Build 2x Large Round Palisade (0/2)

MilitaryPalisadesRound 01.png

Step 3

Place some spikes on top.

• Place 2x blocks from this list: Large Round Palisade Spikes, Large Round Palisade Battlement (0/2)

MilitaryPalisadesRound 02.png