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Version: 0.6.3

Within Medieval Engineers there is the ability to Spectate. Spectator is used when in creative or admin mode to spectate the many different aspects of the world. Anything from buildings to other players can be spectated.

Spectate Controls

Default Key Action Description
Function 6 Reset Spectator Focuses the camera back on to the player's character. Disabling spectator mode.
[Control: Character]
Function 7 Spectate Follow The spectator camera follows the character. This differs from 3rd person view because the character can rotate freely without affecting the camera. This mode can also be used by administrators in multiplayer to follow other characters.
[Control: Character]
Function 8 Free Spectate Allows the spectator camera to move freely throughout the world.
[Control: Camera]
Function 9 Static Spectate The spectator camera will remain fixed in place.
[Control: Character]
Control + Space Teleport Teleports the character to the location of the spectator camera.
Space Move Up Moves the spectator up in the world.
Letter C Move Down Moves the spectator down in the world.
Mouse Wheel Up Move faster Makes the spectator movement faster.
Mouse Wheel Down Move slower Makes the spectator movement slower.
Control + Mouse Wheel Up Turn faster Makes the spectator rotation faster.
Control + Mouse Wheel Down Turn slower Makes the spectator rotation slower.

The Movement Controls also apply to some modes of spectator.

Waypoint Controls

Default Key Action Description
Alt + Letter C Copy Position Copy the current spectator camera position into the clipboard.
Alt + Letter C Paste Position Set the spectator camera position and orientation to the position data from the clipboard.
Alt + Shift + Letter A Add Waypoint Adds a waypoint to the waypoint list.
Alt + Shift + Letter C Copy Waypoints Copy the entire waypoint list into the clipboard.
Alt + Shift + Letter V Paste Waypoints Paste the copied waypoints from the clipboard into the waypoint list.
Alt + Shift + Letter X Cut Waypoints Copy the entire waypoint list into the clipboard, then clear the list.
Alt + Shift + Letter E Clear Waypoints Clears the waypoint list.
Alt + Shift + Space Toggle Waypoint Following Toggles the spectator camera following the waypoints.