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"Better stockpiling techniques that will allow you to build larger stockpiles for your building supplies.

Use these techniques to create large stockpiles for stones, logs, or timbers."

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

IronWorks.png Smelting WoodenHouse.png Basic Wooden House

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

LargeStockpile.png Schematic: Stockpiling

Quest Steps

Step 1

Start by gathering some components to build a large stockpile.

• Obtain 8x Plank (0/8)
• Obtain 1x Sticks (0/1)

Step 2

It's nice to have more resources ready when you need them. The easiest way to do that is to build large stockpiles to hold more resources. Logs are a good basic resource to start with.

• Place 1x Large Stockpile for Logs (0/1)
• Build 1x Large Stockpile for Logs (0/1)

CivilianLargeStockpiles 01.png

Step 3

One of the main products of logs is timbers. You'll probably make a lot of timbers and it's good to have a place to stockpile those as well. Gather the resources you need to make a lumber stockpile. If you have trouble finding wheat straws look in grasslands.

• Obtain 8x Plank (0/8)
• Obtain 4x Timber (0/4)
• Obtain 1x Sticks (0/1)
• Obtain 1x Roll of Thatch (0/1)

Step 4

Find a place to put your lumber stockpile. Convenient places are near your log stockpile or next to a construction site. Keep resources close to make building easier.

• Place 1x Large Stockpile for Lumber (0/1)

CivilianLargeStockpiles 02.png