Strings Attached

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Strings Attached

"Mechanical skills to create anything from cranes to rope driven farm tools.

Build mechanized farm equipment and use rope drums and eye plates to connect things with ropes."

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

SimpleCart.png Transportation

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

Mechanics.png Schematic: Strings Attached
Mechanics.png Schematic: Military Mechanics

Quest Steps

Step 1

Sometimes you want to build something that moves using rope. Gather these resources and learn how to do it.

• Obtain 3x Timber (0/3)
• Obtain 2x Round Timber (0/2)
• Obtain 7x Basic Ropes (0/7)
• Obtain 4x Metal Parts (0/4)

Step 2

Craft the following at a Crafting Table and Smithy.

• Craft 1x Rope Drum (0/1)
• Craft 1x Hand Crank Wheel (0/1)
• Craft 1x Rope Eye Plate (0/1)
• Craft 1x Catch Block (0/1)

Step 3

Place a Catch Block where you want your rope to start. You will need to place it so you have room to attach a Rope Drum to it. Next, attach a Rope Drum to the Catch Block. Finally, attach a Hand Crank Wheel to the other end of the Rope Drum. Attach the Rope Eye Plate to the object you want to pull. Use Basic Rope to connect the eye plate to the rope drum.

That's it. Use "Letter F" or "Shift+Letter F" to pull the rope in and out of the Rope Drum.

• Place 1x Catch Block (0/1)
• Place 1x Rope Drum (0/1)
• Place 1x Hand Crank Wheel (0/1)
• Place 1x Rope Eye Plate (0/1)

EconomicMechanics 01.png

Step 4

Attach a rope to the rope drum and the rope eye plate. Hold "Letter F" to turn the hand crank wheel to make the rope shorter or longer. Hold "Shift + Letter F" to change directions.

• Interact with Hand Crank Wheel