Supply Cart

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Supply Cart

"A set of drawings that shows how to assemble a basic supply cart.

You'll have no trouble moving additional supplies to your fortress with this regulation cargo cart design."

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

MetalPickaxe.png Metal Tools

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

SimpleCart.png Schematic: Supply Cart
SimpleCart.png Schematic: Transportation

Quest Steps

Step 1

Sometimes you need some storage while you're on the go. Start by crafting the needed resources.

• Obtain 26x Timber (0/26)
• Obtain 4x Round Timber (0/4)

Step 2

Here are the blocks you'll need to build a simple supply cart.

Craft or obtain 4 catch blocks
Craft or obtain 4 wheels

Step 3

Place a Timber vertically into ground to hold up the cart while you work on it. Then place another Timber horizontally on the side of the first timber to make a T shape.

You may need to adjust the placement distance of the timber to place it properly. Use "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel" to adjust the maximum distance.

• Place 2x Timber (0/2)

MilitarySimpleCart 01.png

Step 4

Add two Timber 5s to the horizontal Timber. This should make a wide U shape. See the example image in the quest journal ("Letter J").

• Place 2x Timber 5 (0/2)

MilitarySimpleCart 02.png

Step 5

Add a Timber 8 to close the rectangle. See the example image in the quest journal ("Letter J").

• Place 1x Timber 8 (0/1)

MilitarySimpleCart 03.png

Step 6

The rectangular chassis is done but it still needs wheels. Place catch blocks on the front and back corners to attach the wheels. See the example image in the quest journal ("Letter J").

• Place 4x Catch Block (0/4)

MilitarySimpleCart 04.png

Step 7

Add a wheel to the outside of each catch block. Rotate the wheels so that the braces face toward the cart. See the example image in the quest journal ("Letter J").

• Place 4x Wheel (0/4)

MilitarySimpleCart 05.png

Step 8

Now that the chassis is ready to roll you'll want to add some small chests for cargo.

• Craft 4x Small Chest (0/4)

Step 9

Place the 4 chests inside the cart to finish it. See the example image in the quest journal ("Letter J").

You can push the cart to move it or you can pull it with your rope tool. To use your rope tool, empty your hands by pressing "Zero". Then aim at the cart and use the "Right Mouse Button" to attach the rope. When you pull the rope it will turn from green to yellow and finally red. If you continue pulling harder the rope will break free. If you are careful about how you use the rope, it can pull very heavy objects.

• Place 4x Small Chest (0/4)

MilitarySimpleCart 06.png