Warmth and Joy

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Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Type of Quest


Items Unlocked


Quest Steps

Step 1

When hunger strikes, it is time to make some basic food. Eating raw food is not advised, since it will negatively affect your vigor. Starving will also hurt your vigor. Find some vegetables and fruits to prepare a salad.

• Obtain 1x Vegetables (0/1)
• Obtain 1x Fruits (0/1)

Step 2

Press "Letter I" to craft a salad.

Salads increase your vigor which affects all of your stats by boosting their maximum value and increasing tool speeds.

• Craft 1x Salad (0/1)

Step 3

Finally, satisfy your hunger and enjoy the freshly prepared salad. "Right Mouse Button" the salad in the inventory to consume it, or drag it to the toolbar for quick access.

• Consume 1x Salad (0/1)