Advanced Weapons

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Advanced Weapons

"Knowledge about iron crossbow, hunting deer and working with leather."

Version: 0.7

Quest Information

Quests Required to Unlock This Quest

MetalWeapons.png Metal Weapons

Type of Quest


Research Branch


Items Unlocked

IronCrossbow.png Schematic: Advanced Weapons

Quest Steps

Step 1

You will need metal and leather to craft a sword. Gather some Iron Ingots for the sword. You will need a Deer Pelt for leather, so gather resources to make a crossbow for hunting.

• Smelt either 4x Iron Ingots or 4x Bronze Ingots
• Obtain 2x Plank (0/2)
• Obtain 2x Timber (0/2)
• Obtain 6x Sticks (0/6)
• Obtain 14x Metal Parts (0/14)

Step 2

A Wooden Crossbow is good enough for hunting. Craft a crossbow and bolts or equip one if you have it.

• Craft 1x Wooden Crossbow (0/1)
• Craft 10x Crossbow bolt (0/10)

Step 3

Now the hardest part: find a deer and shoot it. "Right Mouse Button" will zoom in to make it easier to aim. Deer are common tenants of forests, tundras and tropical forests.

• Obtain 1x Deer Pelt (0/1)

Step 4

For working with leather you will need a Tanning Rack. Acquire resources to build one.

• Obtain 12x Plank (0/12)
• Obtain 5x Timber (0/5)
• Obtain 4x Metal Parts (0/4)

Step 5

Now you're able to build a Tanning Rack.

• Place 1x Tanning Rack (0/1)
• Build 1x Tanning Rack (0/1)

Step 6

Put a Deer Pelt into the Tanning Rack's inventory and make a Tanned Leather.

• Craft 1x Tanned Leather (0/1)

Step 7

Leather Strips can be crafted in your inventory.

• Craft 1x Leather Strips (0/1)

Step 8

Use a Forge to craft an Iron or Bronze Sword.

Craft 1x Iron Sword or Bronze Sword