Bronze Ingot

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Bronze Ingot

"Bronze Ingots are created by melting Copper Ingots and Tin Ingots in the Furnace. They are used to craft moderately hard metal items in the Smithy or Forge."

Version: 0.7


Used to Craft

MetalParts.png Metal Parts TimberSmall.png Weight Smithy.png Smithy
FireBucket.png Brazier Mace.png Studded Club HandPlowBronze.png Bronze Hand Plow
AxeBronze.png Bronze Axe ShovelBronze.png Bronze Shovel PickaxeBronze.png Bronze Pickaxe
HammerBronze.png Bronze Hammer SwordBronze.png Bronze Sword

Used to Build



This item has the following tag(s)



Castable from

IngotCopper.png 1 Copper Ingot IngotTin.png 1 Tin Ingot Dust OreCopper.png 2 Copper Dust
Dust OreTin.png 2 Tin Dust AxeBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Axe HammerBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Hammer
PickaxeBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Pickaxe HandPlowBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Hand Plow SwordBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Sword
ShovelBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Shovel AxeBronze.png 1 Bronze Axe HammerBronze.png 1 Bronze Hammer
PickaxeBronze.png 1 Bronze Pickaxe HandPlowBronze.png 1 Bronze Hand Plow SwordBronze.png 1 Bronze Sword
ShovelBronze.png 1 Bronze Shovel SwordBronzeBroken.png 1 Broken Bronze Sword

Inventory Item


20 kg

Stack Size

25 item(s)

Hit Points

50 points