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A draft is an article that is a work-in-progress, or perhaps more accurately a creation-in-progress. All new pages are drafts until they have reached a basic level of completeness. For example, all pages should have a summary, at least one image where it's reasonable to have one, and possibly some headings for the sake of organization. When all of these items are created and filled in, even in brief format, then you can consider that the page is basically functional as it provides a minimum of required information. The page should no longer be considered a draft at this point and is either complete, perhaps because it is a limited topic, or it should be considered a stub that will need more information to completely describe the topic.


Categories require only a description at the minimum. If a basic description is completed then the category can be considered complete or a stub. It is good practice to not bloat category pages and to use them mainly for organizational purposes in most cases. However, some categories may be a good place to provide general descriptive information about the articles and sub-categories that it contains. Avoid creating lists or indexes of articles in categories when possible. Instead, describe how the articles in the category are related or what collection of topics within the game the category represents.

Template Information

Draft pages are marked with the draft template using the syntax {{Draft}}. See Template:Draft for more information.

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