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A stub is an article that, although providing enough information to describe the topic, is too limited to provide encyclopedic coverage of a subject. Stubs should be expanded with additional information until the topic is covered thoroughly. This doesn't mean that large amounts of text or images are needed to make the article longer. Rather, the goal should be to clearly explain all relevant aspects of the topic in a concise way. Once this is done the article should be considered fully created, no longer a draft or stub, and updates should focus on improving the content or updating it to stay current.


Categories are held to different standards. Categories do not need to have images nor headings. Sometimes all that a category needs is a few descriptive sentences to describe its contents. Category:Block_Group/Arches is a good example where one sentence clearly explains that it contains blocks from the Arches group.

Other times a category may serve as a natural place in the organization of the wiki to generally explain the articles in the category. An example of this is Category:How To Play. The category is necessary to group the articles but it is also a central point to summarize the various controls and screens in the game. The many duplicated links to pages in the category would normally be a red flag indicating an organizational issue. In this case, because of the high amount of information, it is done for convenience. Certainly, the category could have been created as an article but that would have left the pages and sub-categories without a clear categorization. A page and a category could have been created but then the duplication would still exist and would then be spread to multiple pages. Thus the category becomes the best compromise for both categorization and descriptive purposes.

Template Information

Stub pages are marked with the stub template using the syntax {{Stub}}. See Template:Stub for more information.