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Articles in this section (at the bottom of the page) have been marked as missing images and are considered incomplete. Please review these articles and assist with adding images. If the needed image is not already available then it can be exported from the game and uploaded.

Converting Game Icons For The Wiki

The default path to the icon folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\Content\Textures\GUI

DDS Converter from is recommended for converting files. Once you install it there is very little you need to do.

  • Find the icons you need from the game (Copying them to a scratch folder is the easiest way)
  • Open DDS Converter and click the add button. Select all of the images you want to convert and click ok
  • Choose the output folder.
  • Set the Output Format to PNG
  • Click the Convert button
  • Click OK twice
  • Click Close because it's done

Upload images to the wiki either by using the Embedded file dialog when editing a page, or by clicking Upload file in the Tools links section (to the left using the default wiki theme).

Images should not be renamed. This makes finding them more difficult and it breaks pre-formatted data exported from the game. There are very few exceptions to this which can be found in known issues starting at the asterisk (*).

You are strongly encouraged to add the name of the block or item to the description so that the image is easier to find in the future.


Most of the images needed are easily found as icons from the game. When viewing .sbc files there may be several icons listed for a single entity. These are displayed in the game by layering them together. Usually, only one layer is required, but in some cases, two or more may be combined to make an appropriate image. For example, tool smelting icons are a combination of the appropriate tool icon and the smelting icon. Any image editing application that supports layering can easily allow composite images to be made.

Most of the icons needed to make images for the wiki can be found at the following file path, assuming the default installation folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MedievalEngineers\Content\Textures\GUI\Icons


When saving the images the png format should be used.

  • Png supports transparent pixels. This is desirable to avoid adding a background to the images.
  • Png does not support layers so the image must have only a single layer before saving. Most applications do this automatically. If your application does not, you will want to make sure to merge the layers, rather than flattening the image. The term flattening generally refers to merging layers and replacing transparent pixels with a background color.

Jpeg is not recommended for icons because it lacks support for transparent pixels. If you are uploading a different kind of image, such as a screenshot for a specific purpose, then you may wish to use the jpeg format for its decreased size and faster loading. Examples of this kind of image can be found on World Map And Fast Travel. Although png was used, there is no need for transparency and some of the images are rather large so jpeg would have been a good choice.

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