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Male and Female Engineers
The character played in Medieval Engineers is an engineer who spends his or her days constructing tools, weapons, houses, castles, and siege equipment or fighting disrespectful Barbarians who like nothing more than to wreck the engineer's creations. There are two sexes, a male engineer and a female engineer, the latter sometimes being referred to respectfully as a femgineer. The game is played either from the 1st person perspective of the engineer or from the 3rd person perspective. Engineers prefer a little variety in their clothing color. By constructing a Wardrobe it is possible to change the color of the engineer's clothing or to swap genders.

Version: 0.6.4

Stat Effects

Stat Bars +0.2 / second
+4 / second
-0.02 / second



Other Effects

The above rates are the default effect rates. Stamina and health regeneration will affect the rate of food consumption.

Foods affects vigor, which changes tool speed and maximum stat amount.

Low food causes starvation which affects health, stamina, vigor, and tool speed.


Craftable Items

See the Crafted By Player category for items.

Requires Fuel


Personal Inventory

Number of Slots

21 slot(s)