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Version: 0.6

The barbarian is a type of NPC that can be enabled to spawn when creating a new world. The barbarian carries a weapon and is hostile to the player. It will kill the player and can destroy the players creations. Barbarians ignore the player in Creative mode. Barbarians should also ignore the player in Survival mode until the player has placed 10 large blocks. This allows the player to have a very basic shelter before the barbarians attack. It should be noted that barbarians do not spawn in Temperate Forests. This is also to make it easier for new players, who should venture out of the forests for more challenging environments.

Note About Spawning

Currently barbiarian spawn locations are defined by latitude. This is quite literal in terms of gameplay and actual game definitions. Barbarians spawn within 25 degrees of the equator and within 35 degrees of the poles. They do not spawn between 25 and 55 degrees in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The frequency with which they spawn varies, even within each zone.

Latitude Range Barbarians Spawn?
-85 to -55 Yes
-55 to -25 No
-25 to 25 Yes
25 to 55 No
55 to 85 Yes