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Chat Box

Medieval Engineers has a chat system that allows players on the same server to communicate with text as opposed to the Voice Chat. It keeps a history of messages, is resizeable, moveable, and gives access to multiple communication channels.

The chat window is displayed momentarily for incoming messages. Pressing Enter will keep the window open allowing access to history, channels, and the text entry box for sending new messages and commands.

Sender names are color coded based on house diplomacy settings. Message text is color coded based on chat channel.

Version: 0.6.4

Moving and Resizing

The chat window can be moved by dragging the ChatScreen HolderIcon.png icon. It can also be resized by dragging the ChatWindow ResizeIcon.png icon.

The size and position of the window will be saved to the game configuration. This makes the size and position persistent and the same in all worlds.


History Scroll Bar

Chat history can be accessed by opening chat (Enter) and then scrolling up either by Left Mouse Button on the scroll bar or using Mouse Wheel Up.

The chat history records all messages while you are connected to the game session.


Channel Pop-up Button

The chat has multiple channels that serve multiple purposes. These are achieved by filtering recipients. The channels and the filters they use are both moddable. You can select a channel before sending a message by clicking the channel pop-up Character-Brown.png on the left.

World chat is shared by all, and the default channel.
Color: White
Local chat is only visible to those nearby, up to 200 meters distance.
Color: Yellow
Speak chat is only visible to those within the same range as voice chat, up to 30 meters distance.
Color: Yellow
The house channel allows you to talk to those in your house. Unavailable until you join a house.
Color: Blue
Private chat is for talking privately to one other player.
Color: Light Red

*The private channel requires a player name in the format PlayerName Message


The chat system supports commands. Commands start with / and are followed by the name of the command. New commands can be added by mod scripts.

/help will list all of the available commands.


There is a hidden channel called emote that can be access with /me.

It uses the same range as the Speak channel. This channel exists for textual notifications when animations are used. It is rumored that some ancient engineers use it for role playing messages.


Animations can be given a chat command trigger. The default game animations are: /wave Activates the wave animation and prints waves in the emote channel. /facepalm Activates the facepalm animation and prints facepalms in the emote channel.

Channel Shortcuts

There are chat command to quickly switch to specific channels. Multiple commands have been assigned to each channel making it more likely that you will find a command that is convenient, easy to use and easy to remember. Sending the command switches to the channel. Sending the command followed by a space and a message sends the message in the channel without switching to the channel.

List of channel commands:

World /world/w

Local local/l

Speak /speak/say/s

House /house/h

Emote /me

Private* /tell/whisper

*The private channel requires a player name in the format /tell PlayerName Message

Other Commands

There are other commands available. These vary based on game type, administrator access, and mods. Use /help for more information.

House Admin
/hmotdGet, or set, the House's private message of the day.
/hkickKick a member from your house. Usable only if you have permissions.
Private Message
/r/replyReply to the last received private message.
/saveSave the world.
/motdGet, or set, the world's message of the day.
/amessageSend an admin message to all players.
Servers Only
/unbanUnbans a user from the world. Usage: /unban steamid
/profilerManages the profiler.
/scompManages session components.
/myphysicsManages physics.