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Version: 0.5

Within Medieval Engineers there is actually an engineering aspect implemented while dealing with the smaller dynamic block building mechanics of the game. One of the first tasks a new player will come across is the difficulty of building a cart. This can be confusing for new players trying to understand how to properly build a working cart.

Cart Example

To get started with building your first cart you are going to need a couple of items. Some Timbers Timbers, at least four Catch Blocks Catch Blocks and at least four Wheels Wheels. If you are unsure if you unlocked the knowledge to craft these items then simply check the  Medieval Engineers Research Tree/0.4.

1. After acquiring the components needed you can start to form a cart. The easiest way to start is by creating a support beam to work off of.

2. Build the frame of the cart. Imagine it similar to how a basic car frame would be shaped with wheels. Be sure the Wheels are facing the correct way on the Catch Blocks. Improper wheel placement will result in rotation problems.

3. Lastly, you can customize your cart for any task.

Catapult Example

There are stationary and mobile catapults. A mobile catapult is like a stationary one built onto a cart. The example catapult below will be stationary. The resources needed to build this catapult will be one  Catapult Bucket, one  Rope Torsion Spring, one  Rope Eye Plate, one  Hand Crank Wheel and one  Rope Drum with a bunch of Timbers Timbers.

1. Start by building the basic frame.

2. Attach the arm and the bucket on the end with the eye plate at the very end of the timber arm. Place a timber and catch block support to hold the rope drum, along with the hand crank wheel.

3. Use a rope to connect the eye plate to the rope drum. Crank the arm down to prepare the catapult for loading and firing.

4. Load the catapult by either pressing F on the bucket if you have a  Large Projectile in your inventory or manually load a projectile into the bucket by picking it from the ground using the left mouse button.

Test your catapult and experiment with different loading and firing techniques.