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The Building category describes the entire building process in Medieval Engineers. While individual tools, resources, and blocks may best be described elsewhere, this category covers how to put those things to use.

Building within Medieval Engineers is not just simply building like in most other games. Taking on building in Medieval Engineers truly requires an engineering mindset and possibly some artistic wit. There are some different aspects of construction that make it engineering rather than stacking blocks like in other games. The first aspect is the Building system itself. You can combine blocks in a lot of different ways, even compounding them together to make new shapes. It is also possible to apply Engineering concepts to make machines like carts and siege equipment. The latter is useful for sieging defenses thanks to the Structural Integrity that causes structures to crumble when they are not supported properly. Damaging a support wall may cause the structure above it to crumble and fall. In addition, Voxel Terraforming allows you to mold the natural landscape into any shape.

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