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Version: 0.4

Fast travel settings modding

In Medieval Engineers players can only fast travel through reachable terrain, blocked terrain has to be crossed on foot or walked around. In this section of the guide we will show you how to mod which sectors are blocked. There are 2 ways you can go about it:

1 Generate automatically based on terrain shape

Game is capable of creating fast travel map on its own based on height and terrain steepness. It is possible to mod thresholds for both height and steepness. You will find the thresholds in Content\Data\Game\FastTravel.sbc. In a MyObjectBuilder_TerrainReachabilityProviderDefinition.

<RiseThreshold> - Sets min. terrain height change which will cause that area is unreachable.

<HeightThreshold> - Sets height of terrain after which area is unreachable, if it goes over this value. Range is 0 - 1.

If there are texture overrides in the definition, you have to erase them in order for the parameters to take effect. Texture overrides are nodes that are called in this fashion: <OverrideNAMEOFFACE>. You will learn more about these overrides in the next part of Fast travel modding.

2 Creating fast travel texture override

If you want to have full control over which areas are reachable and which are not regardless of terrain, you can create a simple texture on which you mark unreachable areas. This is how the current system of travel only by roads is done. The texture override matches the roads on the map.

The texture is 80x80 pixels, RGB 8 bit. Black pixels forbid entrance.

When you have the texture, select route to it in the definition:


Reachability definition example:

<Definition xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_TerrainReachabilityProviderDefinition">
    <Id Type="MyObjectBuilder_TerrainReachabilityProviderDefinition" Subtype="Terra"/>

This definition would generate fast travel reachability everywhere, except for front planet face (Fareon kingdom) where fast travel reachability is created based on your texture.

Development reachability

Claimable area size, border highlight, contested timer modding, Size of the area and highlight properties are moddable as well.

Area borders highlight

<NeutralColor R="225" G="32" B="0" A="64" /> <!-- Set color of an unowned territory -->
<SelfColor R="0" G="255" B="0" A="64" /> <!-- Sets color of area border owned by you -->
<AliedColor R="65" G="105" B="225" A="64" /> <!-- Sets color of area border that belongs to allies -->
<EnemyColor R="225" G="32" B="0" A="64" /> <!-- Sets color of area border that is hostile -->
<WallSettings Depth="15" Rise="3" SegmentCount"71" End="115" /> <!-- Changes shape of the border. Depth sets how deep is border submerged. Rise sets how tall is the border. -->
<Fade Start="71" End="115" /> <!-- This sets at which point the border starts to fade. -->

Contested timer

When players claim area with claimblock, area goes to a “contested” phase for some amount of time, in this phase other players can still attempt to build their own claim block and claim the area. This time is moddable.

Content\Data\Game\SessionComponents.sbc contains definition called MyObjectBuilder_AreaOwnershipSystemDefinition. To mod this value, add this definition to your mod with changed value of <ContestedTimeInMinutes> parameter.

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