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Version: 0.4

Indestructible buildings introduction

There is a way how to make some buildings in your save indestructible. We are using this feature for starting area buildings. Some you guys might make a good use of this feature in your pre-made worlds.

Currently, only way how to do this is to make edits to an existing save file. So you can only use it for world modding.

Making indestructible cubegrids in existing save

Goal is to open world’s save file in a text editor, find your cubegrid in it and add this tag to it: <DestructibleBlocks>false</DestructibleBlocks>

  1. Find your save file. By default save files are stored in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\MedievalEngineers\Saves
  2. Open folder with your save and find file called This file can be opened with any text editor you prefer.
  3. In the search for the cubegrid name of the building you want to make indestructible. (use find/search function in your text editor, or you will grow old before you find it)
  4. Tip: To find out name of a cubegrid, create blueprint of the building. The name that the building saves as in your blueprint screen is the name of the cubegrid.
  5. You should find the name in tags called: <DisplayName>YOURCUBEGRIDNAME</DisplayName>
  6. Under the name, add following tag with setting set to false: <DestructibleBlocks>false</DestructibleBlocks>
  7. If you followed instruction, the indestructibility tag is now in node called <MyObjectBuilder_EntityBase> and not in any of its child nodes.
  8. Save the edited file.
  9. Load the save and test destructibility
  10. It worked! Enjoy
  11. It is still destructible. Go to point 1.

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