Schematic: Basic Wooden House

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Schematic: Basic Wooden House

"A document describing construction techniques to create a foundation, floors, and walls of a basic wooden house."

Version: 0.7

Research Schematic

Items Unlocked By This Schematic

WallWoodLog.png Log Wall WallWoodLogWithWindow 2.png Log Wall With Window WallWoodLogWithWindow.png Log Wall With Shutters
WallWoodLogWithEntrance.png Log Wall With Entrance WallWoodLogWithEntrance Door.png Log Wall With Door WallWoodLogSlopeLeft.png Log Wall Slope, Left
WallWoodLogSlopeRight.png Log Wall Slope, Right WallWoodLogSlopeTop.png Log Wall Top WallWoodLogCorner.png Log Pillar
HouseTimberFloor.png Floor HouseTimberFloorRound.png Interior Round Floor, Left HouseTimberFloorRoundMir.png Interior Round Floor, Right
HouseTimberFloorRoundIn.png Exterior Round Floor, Left HouseTimberFloorRoundInMir.png Exterior Round Floor, Right StairsWood V1.png Wooden Stairs
SlicedRoofHaySlope Main.png Thatch Roof RoofThatchCornerInner V1.png Thatch Roof Inner Corner RoofThatchCorner V1.png Thatch Roof Outer Corner
RoofThatchRoundCorner V1.png Round Thatch Roof Corner RoofTileOddHay.png Thatch Roof Top Section ThatchRoofTopPlusSection.png Thatch Roof Top + Section
ThatchRoofTopEnd.png Thatch Roof Top End ThatchRoofTopPeak.png Thatch Roof Top Peak ThatchRoofTopTSection.png Thatch Roof Top T Section
ThatchRoofTopCorner.png Thatch Roof Top Corner Plank.png Plank

Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

ScribeDesk.png Drafting Table

Required Research (Any)

WoodenHouse.png Basic Wooden House

Required Items

Ink.png 1  Ink
ScrollBackgroundTag.png 1  Blank Scrolls

Amount Produced

1 item

Crafting Time

1 second(s)


This item has the following tag(s)


Inventory Item


1 kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)

Hit Points

100 points