Drafting Table

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Drafting Table

"A table for crafting schematics that can be used to share your research with other engineers."

Version: 0.7

Block Information


Small Block


8 x 2 x 5




20 kg

Hit Points

400 points

Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

WoodTable.png Crafting Table

Required Research (Any)

SchematicsDrawing.png Schematic Drafting

Required Items

Timber10.png 4  Timber
Plank.png 15  Plank

Amount Produced

1 items

Crafting Time

10 second(s)


Craftable Items

ScrollBackgroundTag.png Blank Scrolls Ink.png Ink JarClay.png Clay Jar
KingStatue.png Unique schematic: King Statues HouseHalfStoneDoubleWindows.png Unique schematic: Wall With Double Windows WoodenHouse.png Schematic: Basic Wooden House
ClaimblockWood.png Schematic: Lay Claim IronWorks.png Schematic: Smelting BlueprintDrawing.png Schematic: Blueprint building
Furniture.png Schematic: Basic Furnishing LargeStockpile.png Schematic: Stockpiling ExtraStorage.png Schematic: Improved Storage
Furniture2.png Schematic: Better Furnishing MetalTools.png Schematic: Civilian Tools WoodenHouse2.png Schematic: A Better House
TileRoofs.png Schematic: Luxury House StoneWalls.png Schematic: Stone House SteelTools.png Schematic: Master's Tools
WoodenHouse.png Schematic: Basic Housing ClaimblockWood.png Schematic: Take Ownership Milling.png Schematic: Milling
FineCeramics.png Schematic: Terracotta IronWorks.png Schematic: Ore Refining SchematicsDrawing.png Schematic: Schematic Drafting
Seeding.png Schematic: Crop Production MetalTools.png Schematic: Smithing GourmetCooking.png Schematic: Fine Cuisine
SimpleCart.png Schematic: Transportation WoodenHouse2.png Schematic: Deluxe Housing Mechanics.png Schematic: Strings Attached
Weaving.png Schematic: Weaving Palisades.png Schematic: Palisades MechanicalBlocks.png Schematic: Mechanical Mills
IronWorks.png Schematic: Metal Working PalisadesRound.png Schematic: Round Palisades StoneWalls.png Schematic: Fortifications
MetalWeapons.png Schematic: The Path Of War MetalWeapons.png Schematic: Metal Weapons MetalPickaxe.png Schematic: Metal Tools
StoneWallsRound.png Schematic: Advanced Fortifications StoneWorks.png Schematic: Military Stoneworks SimpleCart.png Schematic: Supply Cart
Projectiles.png Schematic: Siege Munitions Mechanics.png Schematic: Military Mechanics IronCrossbow.png Schematic: Advanced Weapons
SteelTools.png Schematic: Steel Weapons AdvancedMechanics.png Schematic: Siege Mechanics

Requires Fuel


Inventory Item


20 kg

Stack Size

1 item(s)


Burnt by Blocks [Burn Time]

BonFire.png Campfire  [30 second(s)]

ClayFurnace.png Furnace  [30 second(s)]
Klin.png Kiln  [30 second(s)]

      Oven.png Oven  [30 second(s)]