Schematic: Civilian Tools

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Schematic: Civilian Tools

"A document describing all of the details of making metal tools."

Version: 0.7

Research Schematic

Items Unlocked By This Schematic

Smithy.png Smithy FireBucket.png Brazier WeaponRack.png Weapon Rack
PickaxeCopper.png Copper Pickaxe PickaxeIron.png Iron Pickaxe AxeCopper.png Copper Axe
AxeIron.png Iron Axe AxeBronze.png Bronze Axe HammerIron.png Iron Hammer
HammerCopper.png Copper Hammer ShovelIron.png Iron Shovel ShovelCopper.png Copper Shovel
PickaxeBronze.png Bronze Pickaxe HammerBronze.png Bronze Hammer ShovelBronze.png Bronze Shovel
BasicRope.png Basic Rope

Crafting Recipe

Crafted By (Any)

ScribeDesk.png Drafting Table

Required Research (Any)

MetalTools.png Civilian Tools

Required Items

Ink.png 1  Ink
ScrollBackgroundTag.png 1  Blank Scrolls

Amount Produced

1 item

Crafting Time

1 second(s)


This item has the following tag(s)


Inventory Item


1 kg

Stack Size

10 item(s)

Hit Points

100 points