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Stats Location on the HUD
Version: 0.6.3

The Stats system in Medieval Engineers has four stats. Three of these are shown as bars.

HealthIconColored.png  Health
The hit points of the character. When hit points are high the character is in good health and when hit points are low the character is in bad health. When health is low enough a bloody overlay will appear on the screen. Health is regenerative.

StaminaIconColored.png  Stamina
The momentary amount of energy the character has to perform various tasks like working, sprinting, and fighting. When the character has low stamina it is not able to perform these tasks. Stamina is regenerative.

FoodIconColored.png  Food
The food reserves of the character. This might better be described as reverse hunger. When the food bar is high the character is full and does not require food. When the food bar is low the character is hungry and suffers negative vigor effects. The food bar can go beyond the maximum value for convenience. Food is degenerative.

The fourth stat is called Vigor. It does not have a bar but instead modifies the other stats' maximum values (the length of the bars), regeneration rates, and the speed of tools and weapons.

Bar Slider.png  Maximum Value
The current maximum value for stats with vigor modifier. This is necessary due to stats that can extend beyond maximum.

The Stats system is moddable, allowing modders to add new stats, new stat bars, new effects, and to modify existing ones.


Vigor Comparison and Change Rapidity Arrows
Because of stats constantly changing it can be difficult to see how a stat is currently changing based only on the movement of the bar. This is made even more difficult because the Vigor stat changes the length of the stat bars affecting the maximum amount of each stat, effectively making it impossible to determine the rate that a stat is changing. This is why there are small arrows at the top of each bar. The number of white "change arrows" show the rate of change for each bar. See Character for information about the default rates at which the stats change.


Effect Icons
The stats system also has effects. These effects are short lived modifiers that affect the rate of change for the stats. These affects are either green with an arrow Stats Up Arrow.png for positive changes or red with an arrow Stats Down Arrow.png for negative changes. Some effects are applied on a constant basis for a period of time. An example of this is the healing affect applied by Bandages. As the effect wears down, the green color is removed from right to left until the effect expires and is removed.

Other effects, like Vigor changes, display only as an indicator of the effect's presence. Vigor is recalculated only occasionally. When something creates a positive or negative change in vigor an effect icon is added. When Vigor is recalculated, all the positive and negative effects are totaled. Positive and negative points cancel out leaving a single positive or negative amount. This amount is applied to the new vigor total up to the maximum change amount. This is because Vigor not only updates occasionally, but it also changes slowly. The canceled out and used points are removed from the effects and only any unused portion remains. Eventually, all vigor change points will get used and all of the vigor effect icons will be removed.

The effects currently used in the game are

Hungry.png  Well Fed
Indicates that you are not hungry.
VeryHungry.png  Hungry
Indicates that you should eat soon.
Starvation.png  Starvation
Indicates that you have gone too long without eating and your character is starving. Negatively affects health, stamina, vigor, and action speed until you eat.
Burning.png  Burning
Indicates that your character is on fire. Negatively affects health while you remain on fire.
Exhausted.png  Exhausted
Indicates that you have exhausted your stamina and it will take you a few seconds to recover. Negatively affects stamina regeneration.
JuiceFruit Effect.png  Juice Fruit
Indicates you are receiving an ongoing boost to stamina due to the stimulant effect of the juice.
BreadSpiced Effect.png  Bread Spiced
Indicates that you are receiving an ongoing boost to tool speed due to your need to work faster because of the burn of the spices.
BreadSweetened Effect.png  Bread Sweetened
Indicates that you are receiving an ongoing boost to hammering due to your homemaking joy from the delicious sweet treat.
Tea Effect.png  Tea
Indicates that you are receiving an ongoing boost to health due to the antioxidant properties of the tea.
Bandage Effect.png  Bandage
Indicates that you are receiving an ongoing boost to health due to the bandage slowing your bleeding and keeping the wounds clean.