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Biome Information

Food and Crops

WheatStraws.png Wheat Straws FlaxBundle.png Flax Straws Berries.png Berries


PalmTrees.png Palm Trees Hazel1.png Hazel OpuntiaCactus.png Opuntia Cactus


The Image Link template is meant to be used when adding items to a list that have numbers and images.

  • The code above can be pasted into your page and edited.
  • Items marked with a "?" do not have defaults and will display <Information Missing> if they are not filled in.
  • Adds Category:Biomes category.

Example Source

{{Table-ImageCell|WheatStraws.png|Wheat Straws}}
{{Table-ImageCell|FlaxBundle.png|Flax Straws}}
{{Table-ImageCell|No.png|Palm Trees}}
{{Table-ImageCell|No.png|Opuntia Cactus}}