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Medieval Engineers has seven distinct biomes. Each one has a unique mix of flora, terrain, and ambient sounds to create vistas unlike anything seen before in Medieval Engineers. Mine alongside desert mesas, built in the frozen arctic, and farm amongst the hazel trees in the cratered karst landscape. Travel across the steppe grasslands and go lumberjacking in the coniferous forests. There’s something new to discover beyond every mountain! Explore the biomes around the planet using the World Map And Fast Travel for the resources you need.

The pages in this category generally do not contain much information. The pages themselves are important in the context of other pages, such as biomes or flora, that link to them. This way, if you are looking at a biome you can see what kingdoms it is in, or you can conversely find all of the biomes contained within a particular kingdom. The links between Biomes, Flora, and Kingdoms are the web of connections that describe the Planet.

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