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The History template is meant to be used at the top of articles just below the Version template to link to older versions of the page. This template should only be used when the historical version of a page has a different name than the current one. Examples of this include: items in the game that have been renamed, e.g. Wooden Walls became Clay Walls in version 0.6, and new versions of files, e.g. MapDarios.png was renamed to MapDarios0.5.png and a new MapDarios.png was created.

  • The code above can be pasted into your page and edited.
  • If listing more than one version, order them from newest to oldest.
  • It is good practice to include a Template:PageSubLinkCustom at the top of the linked pages to allow navigating back.

ORDERED TEMPLATE: This template is typically used on pages with other templates. It should be added in the order specified in Template Ordering.