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Pages on the Medieval Engineers wiki are formatted using a lot of templates. Those templates could be added to pages in any order, the results of which would be very strange and inconsistent. Instead pages use a standard order for these templates. This keeps pages consistent, attractive and makes formatting simple. This page covers only the order of templates, not which templates to use on which pages. That is a much broader topic that is best covered separately.

The Top of the Page

  1. Template:SEO
  2. Template:TransclusionNotice
  3. Template:Draft or Template:Stub or Template:Obsolete
  4. Template:Infobox (Note: Infoboxes can contain thumbnail images. Usually this is done at the top with the main page thumbnail, other images follow below the infobox)
  5. Template:Thumbnail or Template:No Image
  6. If there IS a table of contents: add summary text here followed by one blank line.
  7. Template:Version
  8. Template:HistoryId or Template:HistorySub or Template:HistoryCustom
  9. If there IS NOT a table of contents: add two blank lines followed by summary text.


  1. Template:MechanicalSink or Template:MechanicalSource or Template:MechanicalTransmission or Template:MechanicalSwitch
  2. Template:Resource
  3. Template:Block
  4. Template:Crafting Blueprint
  5. Template:Inventory
  6. Template:Crafting Block
  7. Template:Inventory Item
  8. Template:Tag
  9. Template:Fuel

Resources and Items

  1. Template:MechanicalToolhead
  2. Template:Stat Effects
  3. Template:Tool or Template:Tool/Seedbag
  4. Template:Crafting Ingredient
  5. Template:Resource
  6. Template:Crafting Blueprint
  7. Template:Tag
  8. Template:Casting/From or Template:Casting/To
  9. Template:Inventory Item
  10. Template:Fuel
  11. Template:Casting


  1. Template:Crafting Schematic
  2. Template:Crafting Blueprint
  3. Template:Tag
  4. Template:Inventory Item


  1. Template:Quest