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  • The code above can be pasted into your page.

ORDERED TEMPLATE: This template is typically used on pages with other templates. It should be added in the order specified in Template Ordering.

Base Page

Add this template to any regular page to start making an information box. It will show on the page as a red link after you save. Click the red link to create a /Infobox sub-page.


IMPORTANT: When creating the sub-page start with Template:Infobox/Start at the top of the page and Template:Infobox/End at the end of the page.

Use the following templates in-between to create your custom information box.

Template Concept Purpose
Template:Infobox/Cat Category Adds a horizontal line and bold text. Intended use is for a category.
Template:Infobox/CatText Category and text Adds a horizontal line, bold text on the left, and normal text on the right. Intended use is for a category or label with a single item.
Template:Infobox/Text Single column text Adds normal text.
Template:Infobox/DoubleText Double column text Adds normal text on the left and the right. Inteded use is for two columns of text.
Template:Infobox/Thumbnail Image thumbnail Adds a 200px sized thumbnail. Intended use is so the information box can be at the top of the page with the thumbnail image nicely embedded.