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StoneCube.png Stone Cube StoneRoundedFull.png Small Round Corner StoneRoundLargeFull.png Large Round Corner
HouseStoneRoundIn.png Round Interior Round Interiors With Doors Round Interiors With Doors StoneArchFull.png Small Arch


The Table-ImageCell template is meant as an easy way to create a table cell with a Template:Small_Image_Link embedded. It is used with Template:Table-Start, Template:Table-Cell, Template:Table-ImageNumberCell, Template:Table-AddRow and Template:Table-End.

  • The code above can be pasted into your page to add a cell with a small image link to a table.

Example Source

{{Table-Start}}<!--Top of the table: Row 1 -->
{{Table-ImageCell|StoneCube.png|Stone Cube}}
{{Table-ImageCell|StoneRoundedFull.png|Small Round Corner}}
{{Table-ImageCell|StoneRoundLargeFull.png|Large Round Corner}}
{{Table-AddRow}}<!--Add a new row: Row 2 -->
{{Table-ImageCell|HouseStoneRoundIn.png|Round Interior}}
{{Table-ImageCell|StoneRoundInDoorLeft.png|:Category:Block Group/Round Interiors With Doors{{!}}Round Interiors With Doors}}
{{Table-ImageCell|StoneArchFull.png|Small Arch}}
{{Table-End}}<!--Finish the table - Forgetting this will cause trouble -->