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Version: 0.6.3

Within Medieval Engineers there is the ability to change the world in many ways. First is the ability to transform the voxel terrain and choose the material of the voxel. There is also full control over the rotation of most blocks/items.

Creative Mode

On top of the basic Building Controls there are also these more creative tools.

Default Key Action Description
Letter X Flight Turn the flight ability on / off.
Letter N Structural Integrity view View the real-time structural integrity of buildings in the world.
Control + Letter C Copy objects Copies the object at the position of the cursor.
Control + Letter V Paste objects Pastes the object that was recently copied. Including recent blueprints.
Control + Letter X Cut grid Deletes the entire building grid of the object at the position of the cursor.

The Blueprint Controls also function with the Copy, Paste and Cut controls.

Voxel Material Controls

Default Key Action
Open Bracket Previous voxel material
Close Bracket Next voxel material

There are also a few other controls that will help in creative/admin mode one of them being Spectator Controls for controlling the spectator camera and the other is the Admin Controls for world management and item spawning.