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Version: 0.6.3

Within Medieval Engineers administration over the world is an important part to help keep everything running smoothly.

Admin Controls

Default Key Action Description
Letter X Flight Turn the flight ability on / off.
Function 3 Player list Open the Players Screen while playing the game. The player screen contains all of the players connected to the current game, as well as controls to promote players to administrator, invite new players, kick players, or mute player's voice chat.
Shift + Function 12 Dev. Menu Opens the Developer Debug Menu. Use this menu with care.
Shift + Function 10 Items Menu Opens the spawn Items menu. Creative mode tools must first be enabled in the Admin Menu because you can spawn items.
Alt + Function 10 Admin Menu Opens the Medieval Master Admin Menu. This menu allows the option to enable creative mode tools, along with all built in clean up and world management tools.

There are also the Creative Controls and the Spectator Controls that are enabled when admin mode is active for better management of the world.