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Default safe area
Arena safe area

Safe Areas are places on the planet that serve as common areas for players. When a planet has safe areas players will have the opportunity to spawn there, rather than randomly around the planet. Safe areas can't be used for building so they stay open for spawning and can't be easily trapped. This can create a sense of community as players spawn there and build nearby. It can also create tension as players compete for nearby resources.

Safe Area Scenarios

There are currently two scenarios with safe areas in the game. The first is the Safe Area Start which has a decorative windmill building and a fenced-in safe area. The second is the Arena Start which makes the arena the safe area for convenience.


Safe Area Start: Levos B1 G2

Arena Start: Bar Hadur D3 H1

Conditions of a Safe Area

Safe areas add the ability to spawn in a particular location. They also have a few limitations:

Construction prohibited
You cannot build within the safe area so that it stays clear of buildings and traps that would prevent players from safely spawning.
Deconstruction prohibited
You cannot deconstruct blocks within the safe area to prevent players from stealing resources from decorative constructions.
Picking up static items prohibited
You cannot pick up small blocks when they are attached to the ground.
Mining prohibited
You cannot dig holes in the ground in the safe area to prevent mazes and pit traps.
Claiming prohibited†
You cannot lay claim to the safe area because it is intended to be a common area.
Destroying blocks prohibited†
You cannot destroy blocks for the same reason you cannot deconstruct them.

†These conditions apply to the built-in scenarios but are not automatically present in player-created safe areas.

Creating Safe Areas

Worlds can be easily edited to include a safe area by placing a safe area marker in creative mode. Each area with a safe area marker will be treated as a safe area in survival mode.

Claimed Area

Safe areas that you create are not claimed by default. The built-in scenarios have the safe areas claimed by Marek. This was done by editing the scenario files to add a new entity named Marek and assigning it as the claim owner for an infinite amount of time. You may leave your safe areas unclaimed if you wish to allow players to compete over them.

Indestructible Blocks

Constructions are not indestructible by default. The built-in scenarios have the constructions marked as indestructible by editing the scenario files. This can be rather difficult to achieve if you don't have an otherwise empty world. Fortunately, a community member named Yurand2000 has created a mod that gives you a tool to make constructions indestructible from in-game. You can leave your constructions destructible if you want your players to be able to steal resources from them.