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Medieval Master Screen

Medieval Master is a powerful tool in order to help admins and moderators to maintain their servers and singleplayer worlds. You can open the screen by pressing Alt+Function 10.

Version: 0.6.1

Creative Mode Tools


Enabling creative mode tools in a multiplayer game will give you all the powers as if you were in a creative single player game, such as the ability to fly with Letter X, so use them wisely.


You will no longer need resources when building. Right Mouse Button will remove a block instantly, even if you have no hammer equipped.
To place small grids, you still need to have the desired block in your inventory. Though, it will not be used from your inventory after placing it.

You can use the following clipboard controls to make copies of your creations:

  • Control+Letter C to copy
  • Control+Letter X to cut
  • Control+Letter V to paste

Blueprints are also enabled.

Spectator & Fast Travel

Use Function 6 - Function 9 to control the spectator cameras. You can teleport your character with Control+Space while in free spectator camera (Function 8).

If you want to teleport to specific coordinates on the World Map you have to use the Fast Travel feature. If there are fast travel limitations enabled, you can use the creative mode tools to override at them.

Item Spawning

With the creative mode tools enabled there are two ways of spawning items in the game. The first and sometimes quickest is the General Search screen. You can use Left Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse Button on inventory items and small blocks. This will add one stack of the item to your personal inventory. Using Left Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse Button on a large block can't add the block to your inventory since large blocks aren't inventory items. Instead, it will add all of the components required to build the block, assuming there is sufficient space in your inventory.

The other option is using the Item screen.


The Items screen is only available in creative mode or when creative mode tools are enabled in Medieval Master. The Items screen allows you to spawn items in the game. Press Shift+Function 10 to open the Items screen where you can choose from all items in the game.


Items are categorized as follows:

  • Schematics
    These are Research Schematics that with knowledge that can be consumed to unlock items.

How to Spawn Items

Set the desired amount and spawn them in front of the character by clicking the "Spawn" button.

Alternately, click the "Add to inventory" button or use Left Mouse ButtonLeft Mouse Button to add the item(s) to your personal inventory.

House Maintenance

With creative mode tools enabled, you can also manage houses and their members as you like. This is especially useful for very populated servers, to keep the house list cleaned up. Many (new) players join servers only once to learn the basics of the game for example. They create a new house, do some tutorials and will never return to the server again. This will quickly fill up the list with lots of abandoned houses.

See Removing Other Houses for more details.

Object Browser

Object Browser Overview
Object Browser Filters

The Object Browser within the Medieval Master screen is a useful tool to browse through all kind of things in the world.
You can search for

  • Characters
    includes player characters, barbarians and deer
  • Biggest grids
    you can filter them by type; click one of the options below the drop-down menu to look either for small or large grids only
  • Fastest
    this will look for the fastest moving thing, including characters, grids, and objects
  • Biggest distance from player
    this will bring you the grid, which is farthest away from your character
  • Static objects
    this will search for grids, that are anchored to the ground
  • Floating objects
    this will browse through dynamic objects
  • GPS
    does not do anything at the moment

"Current value" will display the size or speed of the selected grid. You can browse through objects back and forth with the buttons below.

Remove will delete the selected object or grid

Stop will try to stop the movement of the selected object or grid. If it is still moving try to click this button repeatedly.

Automated Grid Cleaner

Grid Cleaner within the Medieval Master Screen

The grid cleaner will help you to tidy up your world easily. In the "Include in removal" section, you can decide which type of grids should be deleted. These filters apply to both, small and large grids.

Invert Distance Check will check for grids closer than X meters, rather than further away from player.

After that, you can set the size of grids, that you want to delete. You can activate "Show trash information" to see which grids are targeted for deletion, or why a grid is not. "Local trash count" displays how many grids are going to be deleted. Remove trash starts deleting all grids with the current settings, until you click Stop trash again.

Remove floating objects removes dynamic objects like loot bags, resources and tools, but no grids, while Remove fractured pieces decays broken or destroyed rubble of grids.

Grid Cleaner Example


The example contains three grids:

  • dynamic 3 block grid
  • dynamic 5 block grid
  • static 1 block grid

The cleaner is set to remove dynamic, not moving grids, that count 3 or less blocks within the area of 10m around the player.

As soon as you click on Remove trash, the green marked grid will be deleted and the red marked grids will stay, because they are either static or count more than 3 blocks.

IMPORTANT: There is currently a bug with the cleaner on dedicated servers. As soon as you activate one of the filters, the cleaner will start deleting grids immediately with the settings below. It does not wait for you to click Remove trash!
To make it work, set the desired grid size and distance check before you check one of the settings above.