Temperate Forest

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Temperate Forest

Temperate Forest
Temperate Forest


 Bar Hadur


 Dariosy Raj

Version: 0.6.3

The temperate forest can be found ringing the planet in the middle lattitudes. It has dense groves of Pine Trees, clearings, and mixed transitional areas where it borders other biomes. Berry Bushes, Mushrooms, Wheat, Flax Plants, and Herb Plants are all common in the forest. Many bushes and saplings are available for scrap wood making the temperate forest one of the easiest biomes for engineering.

The temperate forest is home to Dariosy Raj, one of the wonders of the world.

Biome Information

Food and Crops

 Berry Bushes



 Flax Plants

 Cabbages (Very Rare)

 Herb Plants


 Pine Trees

 Pine Saplings

 Broadleaf Saplings



 Green Grass

 Forest Grasses

 Rocky Grass