Large Stockpile for Logs

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Large Stockpile for Logs
Version: 0.7

The Large Stockpile for Logs is a container meant for Log250cm.png Log storage. Each slot filled adds a log to the stockpile's world model, giving the player a visual reading of its contents without having to open its inventory. For the Small Block variant, see StockpileLogSmall.png Small Stockpile for Logs.

"A large stockpile for storing logs. The contents of stockpiles can be seen visually and they provide a large inventory for certain types of items."

Block Information


Large Block


1 x 1 x 1



Research Required to Build

LargeStockpile.png Stockpiling

Items Required to Build

WoodenStick.png 1  Sticks
Plank.png 8  Plank


970.04 kg

Hit Points

1200 points


Number of Slots

33 slot(s)

Whitelisted Items

Log250cm.png Pine Log LogOak.png Oak Log Quarter LogOak.png Oak Log Half
LogOak.png Oak Log LogPalm250cm.png Palm Log