Mechanical Windmill

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Mechanical Windmill
Version: 0.7

The Mechanical Windmill provides power that varies by distance from the ground. The maximum power is provided at or above the Altitude for Maximum Power. 0 power is provided at or below the surface. Power is interpolated linearly between these values, e.g. at 25% of the maximum height the Mechanical Windmill provides 25% of its maximum power. This surface calculation uses the planet's height map, which means any changes to the voxels will not affect the result of the height calculation.

"The mechanical windmill converts wind into mechanical power. This mechanical power can
be transferred through shafts and joints to run automated machinery."

Mechanical Source

Maximum Power Output


Connection Direction(s)


Altitude for Maximum Power


Block Information


Large Block


5 x 1 x 5



Research Required to Build

MechanicalBlocks.png Mechanical Mills

Items Required to Build

WoodenStick.png 1  Sticks

TimberRound.png 1  Round Timber
Timber10.png 10  Timber
WindMillBlade.png 4  Windmill Blade
Cloth.png 4  Cloth
JarClayWithLinseedOil.png 1  Linseed Oil

      BasicRope.png 6  Ropes


2171.71 kg

Hit Points

1600 points