Palm Branch

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Palm Branch

"Palm Branches are used as a substitute for Sticks. They can be gathered by cutting down palm trees. Palm Branches can also be used for thatch roofs."

Version: 0.7


Used to Craft

Seeds PalmTree.png Palm Seeds Flag10x10.png Personal Flag FlagBlue10x10 V1.png House Flag
ScrollBackgroundTag.png Blank Scrolls WindMillBlade.png Windmill Blade WoodChair.png Chair
PlowBlock.png Plow LockingCatchBlock.png Locking Catch Block Oven.png Oven
PumpkinCarved.png Jack-o'-Lantern TorchStand.png Torch Stand WallTorch.png Wall Torch
Crossbow Quiver.png Crossbow bolt StoneAxe.png Stone Axe LandscapingStake.png Landscape Stake
Torch.png Torch WoodenMallet.png Mallet WoodenShovel.png Wooden Shovel
Thatch.png Roll of Thatch

Used to Build

StickFence.png Stick Fence KingStatue.png King Statue DrawBridge V1.png Drawbridge
WoodenCeilingDoor.png Trapdoor PalisadeGateLargeFrame.png Palisade Gate Portcullis V1.png Portcullis
StoneGate V1.png Gate CubeStone V1.png Stone Cube HouseStoneRoundedFull V1.png Small Round Corner
ArchStoneFull V1.png Small Arch CornerStoneRoundInner V1.png Round Interior RoundStoneLargeFull V1.png Large Round Corner
MillstoneMechanical.png Mechanical Gristmill SawmillMechanical.png Mechanical Sawmill Windmill.png Mechanical Windmill
MechanicalStampMill.png Mechanical Stamp Mill TransmissionWoodSwitchWithFrame.png Mechanical Switch ClaimBlock.png Claim Block
ClaimBlock Wood.png Wooden Claim Block WalkWayLargeRound V1.png Large Round Wall-Walk PalisadeRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Palisade
BannerWorkstation.png Banner Workstation Klin.png Kiln TanningRack.png Tanning Rack
RoofTileRoundTall V1.png Tall Round Tile Roof StairsWood V1.png Wooden Stairs StairsStoneSimple V1.png Stairs
Stockpile Log.png Large Stockpile for Logs Stockpile Stone.png Large Stockpile for Stones Stockpile Timber.png Large Stockpile for Lumber
WallClay V1.png Half-timber Wall WallClayTriangle V1.png Half-timber Wall Slope WallClayTriangleTop V1.png Half-timber Wall Top
WallWoodLog.png Log Wall WallWoodLogSlopeTop.png Log Wall Top StoneWallDoubleWindows V1.png Wall With Double Window
WallWoodPlanks.png Plank Wall WallWoodPlanksSlopeTop.png Plank Wall Top WallWoodPlanksCorner.png Plank Wall Pillar
WallStone V1.png Wall ArchStoneFullWall V1.png Wall With Arch HouseStoneRoundedWall V1.png Small Round Wall
WallStoneLargeWithEntranceCentered V1.png Large Wall With Entrance TriangleStone V1.png Wall Top WallStoneRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Wall
PillarStone V1.png Square Pillar LedgeStone V1.png Ledge Platform LedgeStoneCorner V1.png Ledge Platform, Outer Corner
LedgeStoneCornerOut V1.png Ledge Platform, Inner Corner LedgeStoneDiagonal V1.png Diagonal Ledge Platform BattlementPlatformSimple V1.png Ledge Battlement
BattlementPlatformCornerIn V1.png Ledge Battlement, Inner Corner BattlementPlatformCornerOut V1.png Ledge Battlement, Outer Corner BattlementStoneCornerEnd V1.png Ledge Battlement, Left Corner
BattlementStoneCornerEndMir V1.png Ledge Battlement, Right Corner BattlementStonePlatformCenterDiagonal V1.png Diagonal Ledge Battlement BattlementStoneStraight V1.png Battlement
BattlementStoneCorner V1.png Corner Battlement BattlementStoneCenterDiagonal V1.png Diagonal Battlement BattlementStoneRound V1.png Small Round Battlement
BattlementStoneRoundLargeSimple V1.png Large Round Battlement MachicolationsStonePlatformSimple V1.png Machicolation MachicolationStoneCorner V1.png Machicolation Outer Corner
MachicolationStoneCornerInner V1.png Machicolation Inner Corner MachicolationsStoneRound V1.png Small Round Machicolation MachicolationStoneRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Machicolation
LedgeStoneRound V1.png Small Round Ledge Platform LedgeStoneRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Ledge Platform BattlementStoneAdvanncedRound V1.png Small Round Ledge Battlement
BattlementStoneRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Ledge Battlement TransmissionHorizontal.png Horizontal Mechanical Shaft TransmissionVertical.png Vertical Mechanical Shaft
TransmissionHorizontalWithFrame.png Framed Horizontal Mechanical Shaft TransmissionVerticalWithFrame.png Framed Vertical Mechanical Shaft TransmissionLForward.png Horizontal Mechanical Joint
TransmissionLDown.png Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down TransmissionLUp.png Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up TransmissionLFrowardWithFrame.png Framed Horizontal Mechanical Joint
TransmissionLDownWithFrame.png Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Down TransmissionLUpWithFrame.png Framed Vertical Mechanical Joint, Up TransmissionTForwardWithFrame.png Horizontal Mechanical Split
TransmissionTDownWithFrame.png Horizontal Mechanical Split, Down TransmissionTUpWithFrame.png Horizontal Mechanical Split, Up TransmissionTVerticalForwardWithFrame.png Vertical Mechanical Split
SupportWood V1.png Support SupportWoodSlope V1.png Sloped Support Palisade Straight.png Palisade
Palisade Diagonal.png Diagonal Palisade Palisade Slope.png Sloped Palisade, Right Palisade Slope Mir.png Sloped Palisade, Left
Palisade Straight Top.png Palisade Spikes Palisade Straight Top Battlement.png Palisade Battlement Palisade Diagonal.png Diagonal Palisade Spikes
PalisadeDiagonalTopBattlement.png Diagonal Palisade Battlement PalisadeSlopeSpikedLeft V1.png Sloped Palisade With Spikes, Right PalisadeSlopeSpikedRight V1.png Sloped Palisade With Spikes, Left
PalisadeSlopeBattlementLeft V1.png Sloped Palisade Battlement, Right PalisadeSlopeBattlementRight V1.png Sloped Palisade Battlement, Left PalisadeRoundLargeSpikes V1.png Large Round Palisade Spikes
PalisadeRoundLargeBattlement V1.png Large Round Palisade Battlement WalkWay.png Wall-Walk WalkWay Angle.png Wall-Walk Inner Corner
WalkWay Angle Inv.png Wall-Walk Outer Corner WalkWayStairsLeft V1.png Small Stairs, Left WalkWayStairsRight V1.png Small Stairs, Right
WalkWay Diagonal.png Diagonal Wall-Walk WalkWay Diagonal Angle.png Diagonal Wall-Walk Corner SlicedRoofHaySlope Main.png Thatch Roof
RoofThatchCornerInner V1.png Thatch Roof Inner Corner RoofThatchCorner V1.png Thatch Roof Outer Corner RoofThatchRoundCorner V1.png Round Thatch Roof Corner
RoofTileOddHay.png Thatch Roof Top Section ThatchRoofTopEnd.png Thatch Roof Top End ThatchRoofTopPeak.png Thatch Roof Top Peak
ThatchRoofTopCorner.png Thatch Roof Top Corner ThatchRoofTopTSection.png Thatch Roof Top T Section ThatchRoofTopPlusSection.png Thatch Roof Top + Section
SlicedRoofTileSlope Main.png Tile Roof SlicedRoofTileCornerSharpIn Main.png Tile Roof Inner Corner SlicedRoofTileCornerSharp Main.png Tile Roof Outer Corner
SlicedRoofTileCornerRound Main.png Round Tile Roof Corner RoofTileRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Tile Roof RoofTileOddTopWithTop.png Tile Roof Top Section
RoofTileOddCut.png Tile Roof Top End RoofTileOddEnd.png Tile Roof Top Peak RoofTileOddTurn.png Tile Roof Top Corner
RoofTileOddT.png Tile Roof Top T Section RoofTileOddCross.png Tile Roof Top + Section SlicedRoofTileSlopeWood Main.png Wooden Roof
SlicedRoofTileCornerSharpInWood Main.png Wooden Roof Inner Corner SlicedRoofTileCornerSharpWood Main.png Wooden Roof Outer Corner RoofWoodRoundCorner V1.png Round Wooden Roof Corner
RoofTileOddTopWoodWithTop.png Wooden Roof Top Section WoodenTileRoofTopEnd.png Wooden Roof Top End WoodenTileRoofTopPeak.png Wooden Roof Top Peak
WoodenTileRoofTopCorner.png Wooden Roof Top Corner WoodenTileRoofTopTSection.png Wooden Roof Top T Section WoodenTileRoofTopPlusSection.png Wooden Roof Top + Section
StairsStoneCorner V1.png Angled Stairs Slope-Corner StairsStoneCornerStraight V1.png Diagonal Stairs Slope-Corner StairsStoneCornerRound V1.png Round Stairs Slope-Corner
StairsStoneCornerIn V1.png Stairs Inner Corner StaircaseStoneSpiralCW V1.png Stairs, Right Spiral StaircaseStoneSpiralCCW V1.png Stairs, Left Spiral
StaircaseStoneSpiralSharpCW V1.png Angle Stairs, Right Spiral StaircaseStoneSpiralSharpCCW V1.png Angle Stairs, Left Spiral WallClayShutter V1.png Half-timber Wall With Window
PlankShutter.png Half-timber With Shutters WallClayEntrance V1.png Half-timber Wall With Entrance WallClayDoors V1.png Half-timber Wall With Door
WallWoodLogWithWindow 2.png Log Wall With Window WallWoodLogWithWindow.png Log Wall With Shutters WallWoodLogWithEntrance.png Log Wall With Entrance
WallWoodLogWithEntrance Door.png Log Wall With Door WallWoodLogSlopeLeft.png Log Wall Slope, Left WallWoodLogSlopeRight.png Log Wall Slope, Right
WallWoodPlanksWithWindow 2.png Plank Wall With Window WallWoodPlanksWithWindow.png Plank Wall With Shutters WallWoodPlanksWithEntrance 2.png Plank Wall With Entrance
WallWoodPlanksWithEntrance.png Plank Wall With Door WallWoodPlanksSlopeLeft.png Plank Wall Slope, Left WallWoodPlanksSlopeRight.png Plank Wall Slope, Right
WallStoneWindow V1.png Wall With Window WallStoneWindowShutters V1.png Wall With Shutters WalLStoneArrowSlit V1.png Wall With Arrow Slit
WallStoneEntrance V1.png Wall With Entrance WallStoneDoor V1.png Wall With Door WallStoneWindowRound V1.png Round Wall With Window
WallStoneWindowRound V1.png Round Wall With Shutters WallStoneRoundArrowSlit V1.png Round Wall With Arrow Slit WallStoneRoundEntranceLeft V1.png Round Wall, Left Entrance
WallStoneRoundDoorLeft V1.png Round Wall, Left Door WallStoneRoundEntranceRight V1.png Round Wall, Right Entrance WallStoneRoundDoorRight V1.png Round Wall, Right Door
WallStoneRoundEntranceCentered V1.png Round Wall, Entrance ArchStoneSmallLeft V1.png Wall Arch, Left ArchStoneSmallRight V1.png Wall Arch, Right
WallStoneWindowCenter V1.png Large Wall With Window WallStoneWithArrowSlitCentered V1.png Large Wall With Arrow Slit TriangleStoneLeft V1.png Wall Slope, Left
TriangleStoneRight V1.png Wall Slope, Right WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceLeft V1 2.png Large Round Wall, Left Entrance WallStoneRoundLargeWithDoorLeft V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Door
WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceLeftOffset V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Entrance Offset WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceLeftOffset V1 Door.png Large Round Wall, Left Door Offset WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceRight V1.png Large Round Wall, Right Entrance
WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceRight V1 Door.png Large Round Wall, Right Door WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceRightOffset V1 2.png Large Round Wall, Right Entrance Offset WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntranceRightOffset V1 Door.png Large Round Wall, Right Door Offset
WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntrances V1 2.png Large Round Wall, Double Entrance WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntrances V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Doors WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntrancesOffset V1 2.png Large Round Wall, Double Entrance Offset
WallStoneRoundLargeWithEntrancesOffset V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Door Offset WallStoneRoundLargeWindowBoth V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Windows WallStoneRoundLargeWindowShuttersBoth V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Shutters
WallStoneRoundLargeWithArrowslits V1.png Large Round Wall, Double Arrow Slits WallStoneSlopeBattlementRight V1.png Roof Battlement, Right WallStoneSlopeBattlementLeft V1.png Roof Battlement, Left
SlopeStoneSimple V1.png Small Slope SlopeStoneDiagonal V1.png Small Slope Diagonal SlopeStoneCeiling V1.png Small Slope Ceiling
BattlementStoneSlopeSimple V1.png Small Slope, Right Battlement StoneSlope.png Small Slope, Left Battlement SmallSlopeBattlements.png Small Slope, Double Battlement
CornerStoneRoundInnerWithEntranceLeft V1.png Round Interior Entrance, Left CornerStoneRoundInnerDoorLeft V1.png Round Interior With Door, Left CornerStoneRoundInnerWithEntranceRight V1.png Round Interior Entrance, Right
CornerStoneRoundInnerDoorRight V1.png Round Interior With Door, Right CeilingStoneStraight V1.png Arch CeilingStoneOuterCorner V1.png Arch Outer Corner
CeilingStoneInnerCornerWall V1.png Arch Inner Corner CeilingStoneInnerCornerSharp V1.png Arch Inner Corner Angled SlopeStoneLarge V1.png Large Slope
LargeSlopeRBattlement.png Large Slope, Right Battlement SlopeStoneLargeWithBattlement V1.png Large Slope, Left Battlement LargeSlopeBattlements.png Large Slope, Double Battlement
LargeSlopeVertical.png Large Vertical Slope SlopeStoneCorner V1.png Angled Slope-Corner SlopeStoneCornerRound V1.png Round Slope-Corner
SlopeStoneCornerDiagonal V1.png Diagonal Slope-Corner HouseTimberFloor.png Floor HouseTimberFloorRound.png Interior Round Floor, Left
HouseTimberFloorRoundMir.png Interior Round Floor, Right HouseTimberFloorRoundIn.png Exterior Round Floor, Left HouseTimberFloorRoundInMir.png Exterior Round Floor, Right
FloorWoodRoundLarge V1.png Large Round Floor RailingWoodSlopedRight V1.png Sloped Railing, Right RailingWoodSlopedLeft V1.png Sloped Railing, Left
RailingWoodStraight V1.png Railing RailingWoodPillar V1.png Railing With Supports RailingWoodRound V1.png Round Railing
WallStoneRoundLargeWindowRight V1.png Large Round Wall, Right Window WallStoneRoundLargeWindowShuttersRight V1.png Large Round Wall, Right Shutters WallStoneRoundLargeWithArrowslitRight V1.png Large Round Wall, Right Arrow Slit
WallStoneRoundLargeWindowLeft V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Window WallStoneRoundLargeWindowShuttersLeft V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Shutters WallStoneRoundLargeWithArrowslitLeft V1.png Large Round Wall, Left Arrow Slit

Gathered by Tools

AxeBronze.png Bronze Axe AxeCopper.png Copper Axe AxeIron.png Iron Axe
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe AxeSteel.png Steel Axe


This item has the following tag(s)



Inventory Item


0.1 kg

Stack Size

50 item(s)

Hit Points

10 points


Burnt by Blocks [Burn Time]

BonFire.png Campfire  [10 second(s)]

ClayFurnace.png Furnace  [10 second(s)]
Klin.png Kiln  [10 second(s)]

      Oven.png Oven  [10 second(s)]